First 200 km brevet in under 8 hours

I decided to race another brevet. Sailing down to Solomon’s permanent was a good option.  I’m very familiar with this route. It is also relatively flat, so it was the perfect training ride. It is probably similar to Florida, where my first 24 hour race will take place in February. Flat, windy and cool. My […]

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Gentle 200 km and some rain

It’s been twenty days after Paris-Brest-Paris. I am still dealing with tingling and numbness in my toes and fingertips. Nothing unexpected. The good news is – I am feeling great overall. In all honesty – I feel I can tackle another 1200 ride tomorrow. Ok, let’s slow down and come back to reality. The next big […]

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Сбъдната мечта. Или какво е да караш 1230 км из Франция

Всеки 4 години от далечната 1891 година насам се провежда един от най престижните колоездачни маратони в света. Париж-Брест-Париж.  1200 км с колело от столицата до най западната точка до Атлантическия океан и обратно.  Това е и най-старото колоездачно събитие на отворен път. Състезание до 1951 г , провеждащо се на 10 години. Стартира от […]

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ITS TIME. THE MOMENT IS HERE I am leaving for FRANCE. Thanks to everyone for the support. I am about to do the craziest thing of my life. My dream since 2001. Despite all obstacles I will finally participate in PARIS-BREST-PARIS >>Day and Night >>Rain and Shine >>1200 km (768.8 miles) under 90 hours >>6000 participants […]

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