2014 DCR Wilderness Campaign 200k

Last Saturday was the first 200km this year with DC Randonneurs. The forecast was for a pleasant day and temperatures in the 60s. I was not feeling very well the previous two days, but I also was not  just simply missing the ride.
So lets see . . .  preparation, preparation. I am always amazed how much stuff you need to bring for a 200km or longer ride. When I lay it on the ground,  it looks amazing.

Medication and such : check

Energy gels, bars etc. : check

Clothing : check

Hold on … where is the bike and my helmet : check 🙂

IMAG0570  IMAG0572

It takes me an hour and 10 minutes to the start point.

We quickly checked at the Caribou Coffee in Bristow , VA. I believe over 50 riders showed up. It was still cold for the first two hours. My strategy is always to keep up with the first group for as long as I can, without pushing myself too hard.  This lasted 20 miles or so 🙂 Just an hour and half into the ride  I was already on my own . Few guys appeared on my helmet mirror. It was Michael, Bill, Steve and Bryan if I got the names correct. Their pace was just fine for me so we stayed as a group for the rest of the ride.


Around 10 am we were at one of the first few controls in Loctus Grove , VA. The Sun was already shining and it was time to remove few layers.

IMAG0588 IMAG0606

We passed through all the battlefields and stopped for a few info controls.

Another info control

Info control

Somewhere around mile 107 was the last control before the finish. I was still feeling good and pushing strong. After leading the group for at least 15 to 20 miles I got dropped a mile behind. . . Too much liquids, I had to stop frequently 🙂

Last control before finish

Last control before the finish

With plenty of time to spare , we refilled our water bottles.

Quick stretch and back on the bikes…


At the finish line 4:23 pm

At the finish line 4:23 pm

We have made it back in Bristow with 2 hours to spare before dark. What a great day that was. Just like any other DCR ride, this one  was organized very well. I should thank Hamid for the effort. I talked with other riders and enjoyed coffee, pizza, muffins and such… Much needed. Another fun day in the history.


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